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What Is Going on at Itsy Bitsy?

Exciting things are happening every day at Itsy Bitsy Play & Café as we prepare to open our doors and meet you! The custom-built play boat was delivered yesterday, and it pairs perfectly with our custom-built Coast Guard Station that arrived two weeks ago! Kiddos can now imagine being little Coasties protecting the waterways of our Itsy Bitsy village.

Our co-working space is becoming quite cozy, too! Lounge chairs arrived to create a more relaxed and luxurious workspace corner; they pair well with our laptop roller desks, which we put to the test right away! Trust us, you can't beat a spot that is comfy and promotes productivity all with great views of the busy neighborhood passing by. The private office space is coming together as well. Our members will be able to transition easily into that space to take calls or take advantage of some extra privacy when facing a deadline!

The coffee equipment arrived in our café! Testing and training on the equipment will begin next week. We cannot wait for the sounds and smells of delicious Groundswell Coffee to fill our space.

In the next month, we hope to finalize all of our city requirements, continue adding new items and décor, and to post our events calendar on our site. In the meantime, you can come visit us! We have started giving tours of the space for those interested in hosting an event, becoming a member, or those that just want to be "in the know" in the neighborhood. If you are interested in a tour, contact us at

We've received many wonderful messages of encouragement and excitement from our neighbors and community. We appreciate all of you! When opening can feel far away, they are the spark that keeps us plugging away to make things happen. This community has always been special to us (which is why we love living here!) and seeing these messages and shout outs just affirm how much we love this place. Thanks to all of you!

Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully an official opening date announcement...

See you all soon,


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