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Unlock a world of possibilities for you and your child at Itsy Bitsy. Enroll now to experience the perfect blend of productivity and parenthood, where work meets play. Join us on this extraordinary journey!



                          6w-18m       18m+

16 hours/month    $465              $415

32 hours/month    $585              $535

48 hours/month    $675              $625

80 hours/month    $765              $715

With a minimum booking requirement of just 2 hours, you have the freedom to customize your childcare sessions according to your daily routine. Choose from:

  • 2-hour sessions for quick work.

  • Half-day sessions when you need extended focus on work.

  • Full-day sessions to cover your entire workday seamlessly.

  • A combination of sessions based on the package you've selected.



$1099/month 6w-18m 

$1049/month 18m+

Unlimited memberships provide you with coworking and childcare services tailored to your needs, available as often as needed throughout the month

Coworking Only Membership


Our coworking-only membership offers a professional and collaborative workspace  without the childcare component, providing an ideal environment for focused work and networking opportunities.

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