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play. work. celebrate.

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Experience the "playmaker" difference.  Our top-notch early childhood education providers, or playmakers, nurture and care for your child in our natural play inspired indoor playground. All for a price more affordable than traditional childcare.


Grab a cup of coffee and a desk as you get work done in our comfortable coworking space, all while your child is happy and taken care of by our playmakers.

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Itsy Bitsy Cafe will provide grab and go breakfast, lunch, and snack options for the neighborhood.  We proudly partner with Groundswell Coffee & Roasters to help make your day as productive as possible.  Our café will always be stocked with goodies from our favorite local vendors!


From baby showers to birthday parties, from story time to music time, Itsy Bitsy will host a robust calendar of events for the community as well as open our space for you to host your own soiree.

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4210 N. Western Avenue

Chicago, IL 60618

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meet sara

I’ve been a work-from-home mama since my first son was born. I needed flexible, affordable, and reliable childcare without missing out on my baby’s cuddly, snuggly playtime and milestones. I tried a lot of different options for childcare, but none of them were quite what I needed.

That’s why I created Itsy Bitsy Play & Café. It’s a place where parents can have a few hours of uninterrupted work while their young child is playing and engaging in activities with nurturing caregivers. It’s a place to build community with other parents, something I also needed as I was a new parent living in the city without family close by.


I envision Itsy Bitsy as a space where children can play and grow while parents have support of onsite childcare, so they can continue to nurture their passions and careers.  


We are opening soon and cannot wait to meet you!

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