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Coworking at Itsy Bitsy is the perfect fusion of productivity and convenience for working parents. We offer well-equipped coworking spaces where professionals can focus on their work while staying close to their children. Our flexible memberships allow you to choose the hours that suit your schedule, ensuring that you can meet your professional goals without compromising your child's care. It's a supportive and inclusive community where you can connect with fellow parents and thrive in both your career and parenting journey.


At Itsy Bitsy, you'll join a supportive and vibrant community of professionals and parents, fostering networking opportunities and a sense of belonging.


Enjoy reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring seamless online productivity throughout your workday.


As a member, you'll benefit from exclusive discounts on our coffee shop and event services, making your experience at Itsy Bitsy even more cost-effective. Plus, unlimited drip coffee!

Flexible Space

Our coworking areas are adaptable to your needs, offering various seating options and environments conducive to both focused work and collaborative endeavors.

Printer Access

Access to our printer and office equipment allows you to handle your printing and document needs conveniently.

Secure Access

Safety is our priority. Our secure access system ensures that only authorized members can enter, providing a secure and tranquil work environment.

No Kids? No problem. 

Just need a place to Get Work Done? We've got you covered. Our coworking only membership is super affordable and includes all of the perks mentioned above!

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